MIND Center

Mandra Intellectual and Neurodevelopmental Disability Center – The MIND Center

The current focus of our service center is Intellectual and Neurodevelopmental disorders in children. In poor countries, children with brain disorders such as intellectual disability and autism are neglected because of the stigma attached to such disorders, a lack of awareness in families, and a dearth of specialist facilities. HDRF has established the Mandra Intellectual and Neurodevelopmental Disability Center or the MIND Center at Union Council Mandra in District Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The MIND Center will work to organize, empower, and train family members to enable them to work together and alongside primary health care specialists and voluntary agencies to improve the lives of children with brain disorders. The MIND Center will set up this network in Mandra, and later replicate it in other districts of Pakistan using a ‘Franchise Model’. HDRF has partnered with Institute of Psychiatry, Rawalpindi, to develop this service.