Health Applications of Technology (HAT)

The Health Applications of Technology team (HAT-team), based at the Human  Development Research Foundation (HDRF), is a specialist technical team comprising software developers, graphic designers, IT Data/Network/support specialists, global mental health experts and researchers who work together to develop evidence-based, integrated innovative models of service delivery, coupled with robust evaluation, to bridge the treatment gap for mental disorders in low resource settings.

Our expertise includes developing smart phone applications and web based solutions. We specialize in adapting graphics, web and smart phone technologies to deliver interactive training, supervision, assessments and delivery of mental health interventions in low resource settings.

HAT team works with HDRF team of experienced researchers, as well as national and international mental health specialists. Through these interactions we have become experienced in matching the needs of intervention developers, those using the technology, and the demand for innovative yet simple and affordable technological solutions that are culturally appropriate.


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