HDRF pursues its goals on a daily basis, actively conducting research and service projects. Our current focus of research is in the area of Maternal and Child Health. We believe this to be at the core of human development.

Here you can find details about our recent and ongoing work.

Service Projects

Research Projects

Maternal Health

  • Maternal Depression and Infant Health and Nutrition – Epidemiology
  • The Thinking Healthy Programme – Intervention
  • Maternal Depression and Breastfeeding – Epidemiology
  • Improving maternal perceptions related to breastfeeding – Intervention
  • Improving behaviours related to exclusive breastfeeding – Intervention
  • South Asian Hub for Advocacy, Research and Education on Mental Health – Intervention

Child Health

  • The Learning Through Play Project – Intervention
  • Community Management of Intellectual Disability – Epidemiology and needs assessment
  • A Collaborative Research Programme for Promotion of Early Childhood Development and Psychosocial Well-Being of Pakistani Children – Capacity Building
  • Perinatal Depression Treatment and Child Development: A follow-up of the Thinking Healthy Programme – Intervention
  • Sustainable Programme Incorporating Nutrition & Games (SPRING) – Intervention
  • Family Networks to improve outcomes in children with developmental disorders: The FaNs for Kids Project

Health Services

  • Work-Related Stress in Community Health Workers
  • Preference of Birthing Place
  • Maternal Depression and Infant Health and Nutrition
  • Community Management of Mental Retardation