Child Nutrition: Counselling vs Drugs to Improve Maternal Perception of Breastmilk Sufficiency

Project Title
Comparative study of effect of lactogouges (Metclopromide) and counselling on breast milk production in mothers.


2006 to 2008


University of Liverpool, UK; Institute of Psychiatry, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Project information

Previous studies in this area have revealed that a significant proportion of women exclusively breast feed their children at birth. However, due to different factors, this number drops dramatically by 6 months of age. The most common reason for this high rate of drop outs is a perceived insufficiency of breastmilk by the mothers. Various interventions (like lactogouges and counseling) are prescribed to improve this high level of perceived insufficiency. However there were certain gaps in the existing information about the effectiveness of these methods in improving rates of exclusive breastfeeding. This study compared a prescription of lactogoouges to breastfeeding counseling in a paediatrics setting in Rawalpindi.

In progress